Richard created a beautiful video of my daughter dancing. He also crafted a poignant interview with her dance teacher, brilliantly cut with their working on the dance. I cried when I watched it! My daughter was accepted early decision to Swarthmore with glowing praise for her dance.    — Laura, NYC

▶ Jena Dance – YouTube

When top SAT scores and stellar grades are commonplace, Richard’s ability to tell a compelling story gave my son a unique advantage. His keen eye contributed mightily to my son’s acceptance at his top college choice, the University of Chicago. The director of admissions specifically cited the video as a deciding factor.    — Ron, CA

▶ Oliver glass and metal – YouTube

Watch a Jazz Drummer’s trio perform “Sugar Ray”

Though this video focuses on the student playing football, it is intended for admissions officers, not coaches. It’s a mini-documentary (not a highlight reel–though we do those, too) about how playing football helped forge his character and develop his leadership attributes.

▶ Football video for college application

Lacrosse highlight reel for college coaches


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